About PromoSeeds

PromoSeeds Scandinavia is the Scandinavian part of the PromoSeeds Group. We are represented with offices in Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen. Since 1991 we have delivered strong and famous and appreciated products with theaspect of green advertising and gift items.

Through a long time and tightly-day cooperation between the four Nordic markets (Norway currently served from Copenhagen), we are able to deliver the right solutions to our clients, nationally or internationally.

The PromoSeeds Group 
is also running offices in Holland, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, USA,Baltic states and now Poland and as well even with their own buying offices in the Far EastEach PromoSeeds business is with their specialties and its own production an important part of the chain.Constant development and innovation in the creative departments,quality control laboratory in Holland and a flexible production and distribution capacity ensures that we are ready for order in allquantities and sizes. Smaller print runs we can do locally without putting everyone in the organization of work, and larger quantities by placing production where it is most economical and due to time most convenient.