SixPac - spices in boxes

an ingenious and simple giveaway that can be sent directly by the Post or courier.

GIVEAWAY,   which easily allows you to distribute an estimated spring or/and summer gift that fits just as well as a year-around gift of care in focus.

The gift box consists of 6 pieces of spicebags inside or 1 piece of spicebag with standard spices or big assortment of spices of your choice.

Standard features includes: 

BBQ spice, fish spice, Tandori, Turmeric, 
Herbs of Provence and Sea salt. 

The box can be equipped with a nice label / banner, standard or custom design.
The box can also leaflet, brochure or information sheet supplied.
Excellent GIVEAWAY associated with events, fairs, contests / promotions or direct marketing mailings. May be sent directly by the Post or courier (low gram weight = low postage).


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