A new concept to create natural growth. Tear out a seed stick from the cover and plant it in soil or a can where you have the empty space. Each seed stick is a seed that is planted in damp soil. There are dozens of varieties of seeds to choose from. Flowers,herbs, treesplants and so on.

The front and back are intended for individual advertising messages. The interior side is usually reserved for the manual showing how to proceed. There is a standard manual with drawings, which simply describes what to do.

A gift idea that your customers will like and want to try. Use it as a giveaway, as an attachment to letters/mailing or just as a notable gift ..
Can be printed with 1-4 colors
Standard instructions inside are in English (can also be disabled) or in any other language at an extra cost of 80 euro.
For an additional cost of 50 euro we can offer you a mixure of two standardseeds. Ask us for information!
Minimum: from 1000 pieces onwards



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