• Seedbags / Seedpackets * Promotion

    We produce a variety of seed bags in many sizes, with the aim to meet customer requirements, or with a variety of standards when you want to save time and money. Seeds available in several different varieties to choose between.

    Promotion seedbags /seedpackets

    Individually printed as you desired, type of seeds according to your wishes, suitable to the task, theme, product or business profile. 
    The minimum size, 55.42 x55 mm, the largest seed bags having the dimension 152 x 210 mm and a lot of other sizes. Just ask us!!

    With our popular Mini Series, we offer editions from 500 pieces and ur standard varieties of seeds we offerdigital print and 4-colours.

  • A small gift that creates joy, which is remembered and saved by the recipient for a long time.

    Contact us for more information and possibilities. maybe we can offer you an interesting case-story.                                                                                                  

    Of other possibilities with seed bags can be mentioned;

    • Seed bag with reply card
    • Seed bag with holes for the rubber band wrapped around
    • Seed bags in special sizes
    • Bottle rack, or double bottle rack with 4 pages
    • Transparent bottle hanger to the packets of seeds, etc.
    • Standard seed bag with individual pressure
    • Seed card with glueweinmix for christmas
    • Seed bag with competition
    • Bookmark seed bag
    • Seed bag with organic ecologic seeds
    • Seed bags with QR Code (new!) Missing a smartphone_Check out here


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