Plantsticks * Promotion

Plantstick - Seeds are attached to the wooden stick, inserted into the card, with wax.

Simply pull the stick out of the flap, stick it into soil and water it.

To ensure the promotional message is always visible for the TARGETgroup, the card is turned round and pushed onto the stick. This means the card can be used as a nameplate or advertisement.


Card: 5,5 x 8 cm and Plant-stick: ca. 7 x 1,5 cm


Approximately: 5 g

Advertising space:

Card 13,8 x 8 cm


Digital printing, 4-c-process

Minimum: from 1000 pieces onwards.

Varietys of seeds to load with (available)

Cress,  Basil, Camomile, Dill, Caraway,Papri and Marguerites.




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