Logo plant with customer logo

-Gives an incredible amount of attention!

It sounds unlikely that you can get your message or your company logo to grow on a plant.

But it is possible with new technology as laser engraving your message or your company logo on a bean and one of its leaves.

It is possible to engrave smaller and relatively complexed text and company logos.

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Logo Bean can be packed in a tasteful and stylish frosted box, available in 2 sizes.

Logo plant gives your customers a surprise and discover the lovely nature.

You can also get the plant delivered in our "Flowers-In-Bottle" (plant in a can).


See logo plant grow at this link! (Press here).


Logo Bean requires a lot of water and begins to grow after 2-3 weeks. It shall be placed in a bright position.

Logo bean is produced by our PromoSeeds office in Italy.

Issues and colors 
Edition from 300 pieces with 1-3 colors printed on the box. 
Issues from 2500 pieces with 4 colors printed according to customer wishes and original. 
In the "Flowers-In-Bottle" concept comes from 300 pieces.

Delivery time is approx. 5-6 weeks, after we have received  yourprint materials and logo / text to the logo bean. 
Logo plant can be delivered most times of the year, however, recommended the lighter months of growth.

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