Logo apples with logo

Logo apples bearing the logo made by the natural method or by specially developed laser technology and supply all the year around!

The standard logo or your own company logo. As a giveaway at trade shows, exhibitions, staffing arrangements, opening of branch offices, conference / meetings, etc..

A gift that is always welcomed, and that sends signals the health of freshness, plant and pure nature.

When use of logo as natural approach: The apples are mounted with the label on the tree. As the apples turn red logo appears more strongly in a strong yellow color.

When the tag is removed from the apple, you can see the apple with your own company logo or message.

The use of laser technology: The logo or message is applied by laser technology, by distancing color pigments without damaging the shell. Method's advantage is that the more demanding loggos and messages can be reproduced and the delivery time is significantly shorter. The apples are kept in cold storee and fitted with a logo or message at th. Therefore, the loge time of ordering. LOGO-apples are now popular and available year round.

We can also supply green logo apples, apples provided with flyers on the sticker and logo apples packed in various gift sets or boxes ..


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