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Welcome to the green 

PromoSeeds and Think Green are among the leading players in Europe in green advertising, green promotional items and promotional gifts.

With our own production and years of experience in the business, we can offer products and solutions tailored to our customers needs, budget and ideas. Whether it's small runs (from 100 pieces) or to a larger audience.

Through close international cooperation, we will always lead the development of new ideas and innovative solutions.

We help our clients to communicating and expressing themself in a natural way. We want to participate active to help inspire new growth, to health, to environmental concern, energysaving and sustainable thinking and action. Many of our products enable people in most of the interesting ways.

Green thinking and action are present and will be valued even more in the future. Nature is a supplier of raw materials , inspiration in the design, design, color, food and drink, clothing, housing and so on. Fortunately, the trend for natural, green, is strongly increasing.

Good for all of us and the next generations.





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The product range is divided into a few main groups, designed to show what we can offer within the green area. Whether it be used as promotion seed bags, seed mats, mini greenhouses, plantkit, a green gift, flowers, plants, trees, bulbs or other, we have a whole series of possibilities.

Here we only show a few typical examples of each group. It would be much too extensive to include all possibilities. The bulk of production is custom made products, tailored to our customers. Within all possible industries are examples of product solutions, which suitst to the theme or the ongoing campaign.

Many years in the industry have resulted in an extensive standard program and a long reference list of cases and references.